The Primaluna agritourism is situated in the fields just outside of Bologna, in a quiet and hospitable area. Fully immersed in the countryside, it is also very close to the Fiera district and the city center.

Equipped with all the comforts that the guests could need, this little agritourism is the ideal place for individuals to escape the daily stresses of life and connect with both nature and themselves. Primaluna is open to those who want to spend a full holiday in the countryside or just relax after a busy day.

Living here through the generations, our family has taken great care of Primaluna. Our continuous love for this land has been handed down from father to son. The desire to share the love and passion for this land inspired us to start an agritourism, to offer our guests the chance to enjoy our countryside in a friendly environment.

We offer quality, distinguished farm work and hospitality with accommodations.

We work to produce excellent products and offer great services; therefore the property has recently been completely renovated.

We offer two large double rooms or a mini apartment for two or four people.

Our facilities are equipped with a free Wi-Fi, air conditioning, underfloor heating, satellite TV in every room, blow dryer and washing machine. We also provide a fully equipped kitchen and reserved parking next to each room.

The green fields of the Bologna countryside embrace the heart of the Primaluna agritourism. The land tells stories of the progressive expansion of neighboring villages after the first postwar times. The Centuriation of land dates back to Roman times and the glorious Villanovan past.

The rolling hills and natural beauty of our land has a relationship with our agritourism that is as idyllic as those in the Greek and Roman times.

Guests can relax in the outer garden that surrounds the farm while listening to the sound of the cicadas in the summer, getting lost in the fog of the vaporous winter and in the beautiful colors of autumn.

We look forward to welcoming guests to our home with our warm Emilian hospitality.